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Energy Transparency

One homeowner needed her home’s fifteen energy inefficient windows replaced, so I repurposed the old windows into "stained glass" oil paintings that reflect on energy use at the Farm. On one hand, using oil paint prompted me to consider the energy violence of the new natural gas pipeline alongside the Greenbrier River. On the other hand, using a window and light as a medium to illuminate the painting connects to the Farm’s solar panel initiatives. The community of forms prompted me to reflect on our collective energy practices and materials, and the aerial perspective reminded me that energy consumption and efficiency is a spatial problem. The stained glass medium considered the role churches can play in being effective energy stewards. Re-priming the frame reminded me that confronting climate change is a structural problem that needs collective effort to address root causes - more than just painting on the surface. Overall, these windows helped me to explore my energy culture in light of the Farm's cornerstones.

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