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Stepping Stones

Are we ready to receive the wisdom of neighbors on the margins, including the rocks beneath our feet? In this series of stepping stones inspired by the walking meditation of Stations of the Cross, I feature rocks as active participants that gently hold up panels made from recycled Lenten bulletins. Reshaping found paper into textured panels and painting map-like compositions into these topographic surfaces is a process that embodies the spiritual journey in times of displacement, transition, and change. The stepping stones are an invitation to trust we will find the resilience we need to find a new equilibrium. In fact, these stepping stones arrived at the opportune moment for accompanying my placement site through a significant transition. Not only was the season of spring and a convergence of religious holidays (Ramadan, Passover, and the Easter Triduum) inviting us to be open to movement of the spirit, it was also when my placement site community said goodbye to a beloved coworker. I included these stepping stones at our farewell ritual to accompany the residents through this change. My hope is we may welcome this season of new beginnings and be transformed one stepping stone at a time, knowing we walk this path together.

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